Product Description

Organoleptic characteristics of the wine Cabernet Franc Eastern Hills of Friuli DOC The eastern hills of Friuli Cabernet Franc is a deep ruby red wine, tending to garnet when aged. It is distinguished by a peculiar smell intensely herbaceous. The flavor is typical, moderately grassy and dry.

Minimum 85% cabernet franc, combined with other grape varieties suitable dark berry grown in the Udine province for a maximum of 15%. production standards,
The vineyards must respond to environmental culture conditions, the traditional ones of the area of production and in any case must be capable of giving the grapes and the wine derived its specific quality characteristics – They are suitable only wine that are found in soils of favorable position and exposure, of cocenica origin, or, in marginal areas, in those of mixed origin for the presence of varying percentages of coarse elements – The maximum production of grapes must be of 110 q / ha – Excludes the valley soil, moist and not sufficiently sunny – The planting patterns, types of cultivation and pruning systems must be those generally used, should not in any way modify the characteristics and wine – For new plants the density can not be less than 3,000 plants / ha – Minimum alcoholic strength of wine: 11% vol. – The vinification operations must be carried out within the production area. – The forcing practices, but it is permissible emergency irrigation is prohibited. – It is permitted the word “reserve” when the wines worked at least two years of aging from 1 November vintage the grapes were grown.

A noble grape with French origins, its fame is linked to the story of the great Bordeaux wines, as well as cabernet sauvignon and merlot. This grape has been grown in Friuli since the time of Napoleon, where the soil and climatic conditions bring the best out of the variety’s characteristics, and has confirmed it as being a wine on its own. Independent, with unique characteristics amongst Cabernet Franc wines around the world.

Tasting Notes

Our Cabernet Franc comes over as being “typically Friulian”, with a ruby red colour, with intense purplish reflections, fluid in the glass. It has a nose which encompasses red fruits like cherry, raspberry, blackberry and blueberry, to spices like marjoram, rhubarb, gentian root and white pepper, with fresh, welcoming and decisive feelings. On the palate it is pleasantly fresh, not too heavy, with olfactory feelings that are repeated as tastes, boosted by a soft feeling produced by its sweet tannins and by soft herbaceous notes, which are the traditional characteristics of the Cabernet-Franc of our region.

When to drink

The Cabernet Franc of Friuli is a red wine used at various different social gatherings: from chats with friends, to a snack with a simple plate of smoked meats.
And it is in this way that this wine is at its best, because of its great communicative capacity and its ability to mix in perfectly with salami and cheese, both fresh and semi-mature, both cow and goat varieties.